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Tommy Jonsson

Phone. +45 22 45 28 57

Mail. tommy@tjonsson.eu

About me:

My name is Tommy Jack Jonsson. I have been working in sales since 1987, and held different positions within companies working in both FMCG and B2B. For the last 22 years my engagement has been developing/opening markets for French, American and Danish Companies.

I have worked worldwide with projectsales (machinery) aswell as developing distribution channels (B2B and FMCG)s.

My experience range from :


  • Work as independent consultant.
  • Starting company from scratch.
  • Working with stakeholders and distributors to develop their markets.
  • Providing feasibility studies on markets and business.
  • LEAN and project management.


I believe that in every company there is a strong wish to perform to their very best. In todays shrinking world, one must be prepared to take chances and go beyond the horizon. Vison and ideas are a must today. Performance and development are a daily challenge for the management team.

We work with a combination of hands-on experience in planning and executing together with the management team.


- I don’t bring concepts or readymade plans to the table.

- All business challenges are unique, as are the leaders and teams dealing with them.

- I don’t work for our customers – I work with them.

- Solutions, planning and execution happen together with the people involved.


All businesses must change and develop in order not to decline.

That’s a basic fact, as markets constantly evolves and competitors never cease to move forward – creating both new opportunities and threats.

As a result, possessing the ability to expand your business in the best possible manner is absolutely vital.





Planning to start export - optimize existing sales abroad.



Coaching your companies values to affiliated company or distributor sales staff.


Research and market studies.


Selected stakeholder issues - legal, finance and management.


Distribution - in what way?

Follow up - bench marking.


Contact & other information.

Tommy Jack Jonsson

Kronager 16

DK - 2791 Dragoer - Denmark

Phone: +45 22 45 28 57

Mail: tommy@tjonsson.eu






28 years in sales and marketing.

22 years within export and international sales and distribution.

Network in Europe, Asia, north America and some Middle East countries.


  • Fluent in English, Swedish and Danish.
  • Good German skills.
  • International network.
  • Intercultural approach.
  • Documented track record.
  • Certified project manager - PRINCE2 Foundation.
  • LEAN management educated.

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Challenge your ideas.

Financial savings before execution.

Partners - for your benefit.

Our clients and work is confidential.

All reports etc. belongs to our customers.


Contact us for further information. We honour discretion and privacy.

We have the solution that fit you:


- Fees on hourly basis.

- Long term agreement.

- Temporary employment.


At present time we work with 2 Swedish and 1 Icelandic company in Denmark.

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